Course Description

Hello magical mama!

I gather you might be here because :

  • Your child might be a fussy eater OR they are not sure about changes to their diet, such as swapping to gluten or dairy free
  • You might be frustrated with the stressful mealtimes at your place…in fact you might even dread them – and rightly so hey, it’s not fun dealing with stress around feeding your child
  • Maybe you’ve tried the general fussy eater tips and have made no progress
  • Or maybe you are wondering what is ACTUALLY going on for your fussy eater at the table

So today, let’s get you :

  • Understanding your child's sensitivities (there are many) and how they can either work for your child...or against them
  • What causes a fussy eater - there are many!
  • And see it all from your child’s point of view, so you can bring the love back to the table!

I honour you for being here and taking a stand for your child's health!


Creator & Fussy Eater Magician!

Heidi Hosking

Heidi Hosking is the creator of The Healthy Caterpillar. She coaches mums of sensitive children to guide them to eat the exact right foods for their bodies. Heidi's background is in Speech Pathology and Health Coaching where she specialises in fussy eating, food sensitivities and intuitive and clean eating. She has two sensitive new age boys herself and is passionate about empowering mums to create their own vibrant children.

Course curriculum

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