Course Description

Are you sick of your children being sick?

Do you want to see their shining, vibrant selves all year round?

This e-kit is created for you to learn :

  • why our gut health is so important
  • which sweet foods are okay for us
  • importance of alkaline foods and examples of these
  • quickest and best ways to introduce 'good bacteria' to your children
  • why addressing food sensitivities is important to gut health
  • the low-down in using gelatin
  • addressing your child's stress
  • where to start with supplements
  • how chemicals affect our immunity
  • most important foods to buy organically
  • how TRUST is important for immunity
  • recipes : green smoothie, 2 minute 2 ingredient coconut yoghurt, homemade vitamin C powder

The e-kit has Prevention Tips but also Emergency Tips so you can work proactively AND have help when your little one does get sick.

All in the name of avoiding anti-biotics, which contribute to the sickness cycle..

So take a stand for your child's health today friend!


Creator & Fussy Eater Magician!

Heidi Hosking

Heidi Hosking is the creator of The Healthy Caterpillar. She coaches mums of sensitive children to guide them to eat the exact right foods for their bodies. Heidi's background is in Speech Pathology and Health Coaching where she specialises in fussy eating, food sensitivities and intuitive and clean eating. She has two sensitive new age boys herself and is passionate about empowering mums to create their own vibrant children.

Course curriculum

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    Get off the Sickness Cycle : 11 steps to build your child's immunity E-kit

    • E-kit : DOWNLOAD here