Course Description

Hello friend!

Are you tired of hearing the generic fussy eater tips, that just don’t seem to work for your child?

Do you feel guilty serving your little one the same foods over and over…because they won’t eat anything else?

Do you dread the mealtime battle and managing the whole family’s stress?

Or are you desperate to find a way to get your child eating the nutritious foods you KNOW are good for their health and development? [This might even be converting to gluten/dairy-free, Paleo, GAPS diets etc...].

I want to help you!

So how does Food Magic for Fussy Eaters help your family?

Well, my connected online program will help you to magically (ie. with love and ease) :

  • Understand what is causing your child to be fussy / be resistant to new foods
  • Calm those mealtimes in an instant
  • Manage hunger whilst working on fussy eating
  • Help your child become more flexible with (& learn to eat!)
    • how food is cooked, cut and served
    • interacting with and trying new foods
    • mixing foods
  • Grow your child's list of foods they eat
  • And when and how to do each of these steps

I am going to share my expertise with you, so you can become the Fussy Eating Magician of your family. Are you ready to be excited for what you can achieve, dedicated mum?

What will my family look like once I have participated in Food Magic for Fussy Eating?

You will :

  • See things from your child's point of view ...and have calm at the table
  • Be confident at guiding your child to eating more variety, with steps to follow to keep it simple
  • Have a more adventurous child, learning to eat ‘cleaner’, more nutritious foods
  • Be on the road to improving your child’s health and development
  • Build a stronger relationship with your little one

… we wave the wand at fussy eating tension in your home!

I have created Food Magic for Fussy Eaters as it is an area of parenting that can bring Mums so much confusion, overwhelm and guilt.

And I know many mums are desperate to help their fussy eaters, but weren’t able to afford my one-on-one coaching program.

So what does the program involve?

An online platform to experience :

  • Understand your sensitive child webinar recording
  • Create Calm Mealtimes workshop recording
  • Intro and Welcome recording
  • Recorded presentations ::
  • Module 1 : Back to basics
  • Module 2 : Food flexibility
  • Module 3 : Sensory system stretch
  • Module 4 : New foods magic

  • Simple worksheets to keep you on track
  • Private facebook group
  • Access to ask Heidi questions and get feedback and direction
  • Forever access

This is not just an e-course. It is a connected program where you have access to myself and a chance to connect with the many other mums who are also in a very similar situation to you. With your participation, you will get better results than embarking on an e-course alone. And of course what is needed by most..accountability!

And do you know the best bit!?

You have access to this program forever.

So you can do it at your own pace. Slow and steady wins the race!

Here are some words from one of the mums I have helped, with her little sensitive (fussy) one…

“We first came to work with Heidi because our son was eating very little and few foods, and every meal time was a battle. We were at a complete loss at what to do. Now I can't keep up with how much food he's eating...and the variety. I feel like at any point in the day I can make him something that is really healthy and he won't refuse it. And our best 'win' was the ability to have happy and stress-free mealtimes! As a family we have learnt so much about fussy eating, food intolerances, menu ideas and improving immunity.

The program exceeded our expectations and was certainly worth the cost and commitment.” Jackie

And here is a video of Emma. I have helped her mum learn Food Magic in getting her to become more adventurous...

Now, dedicated mum, I would love to help you!

What about the investment for this program?

This program is a ‘can’t-say-no’ AUD$195. Take advantage and sign up now!

The program offers the opportunity to learn all of the steps to become your own fussy eater magician + access to Heidi, without the significantly larger investment of one-on-one coaching with Heidi.

When does Food Magic for Fussy Eaters start?

You get immediate access to the Facebook group and the modules. And you will have access forever. Which means you can do the whole program in 4 weeks or take it in your own time!

Not sure just yet?

That's okay. Sign up here to Caterpillar Mail to hear about my upcoming free learnings.


I am really busy. Will I have time?

As I always encourage the mums I work with - slow and steady is a good thing, but it is important to be taking steps forward...or you can end up nowhere! I also encourage them to really prioritise.

What is taking up their time that might not be as high a priority as their child's health?

And of course, this program is designed to make it EASIER for you to help your little one, not harder! So just by taking a few simple steps from my process, you will see how easy it is to get success!

Don't forget. You can listen (or watch!) in the car, whilst cooking, at night… And of course you can bring your questions to the private Facebook group to be sure you are completely supported at any time.

Is there any payment plan option?

No. Because of the low price of this program…

Is my child too fussy?

Absolutely not. If your child eats only 3 foods, you will feel right at home. If your child eats 20, you will also have plenty to gain. You are in the right place if you struggle with stressful mealtimes and / or have a child not willing to eat foods very easily.

And even if you have a toddler going through the 'fussy' stage, you will also become a Food Magician to guide your little one to be a healthy, adventurous eater.

Is this program for older ones?

The program is aimed at children from 2 years to roughly 7 years. If your child is older, you can certainly join the program (and learn a LOT). You will be then eligible for a discount to the extension Module : Food Exploration Extended. This will give you extra skills in working with an older child.

I just want my child eating healthier foods / moving to gluten/dairy-free etc. Can this program help me?

Yes! My fussy eater process is all about helping any mum move their child onto the foods that they desire for them. So whether it is changing from sandwich triangles to sandwich squares or moving on from separated food to a stirfry, the principles are all the same.

You will certainly find help with Food Magic!

Please email me with any other questions. I will be in contact asap :)

* Just a reminder to register and complete payment. Some have not gotten to the payment section and thus registration is not fully complete.

In love and support


Creator & Fussy Eater Magician!

Heidi Hosking

Heidi Hosking is the creator of The Healthy Caterpillar. She coaches mums of sensitive children to guide them to eat the exact right foods for their bodies. Heidi's background is in Speech Pathology and Health Coaching where she specialises in fussy eating, food sensitivities and intuitive and clean eating. She has two sensitive new age boys herself and is passionate about empowering mums to create their own vibrant children.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro and Welcome!

  • 2

    Module 1: Back to basics

    • Module 1 : Back to Basics RECORDING

    • Module 1 - worksheet

    • Food List - resource

    • Safe food List - resource

    • Food List example - Rory

    • Food List example - Penny

  • 3

    Module 2 : Food Flexibility

    • Module 2 : Food Flexibility RECORDING

    • Module 2 - worksheet

    • BONUS : Progress Table

  • 4

    Module 3 : Sensory System Stretch

    • Module 3 : Sensory System Stretch RECORDING

    • Module 3 - worksheet

    • BONUS : Roasted chickpeas recipe

  • 5

    Module 4 : New Foods Magic

    • Module 5 : New Foods Magic RECORDING

    • Module 4 - worksheet

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