Course Description

This is a 3 week guided Dairy Free Adventure!

Have you been avoiding eliminating dairy for your child, even when you know it would improve their health?

What would you say if I said I'll guide you in three weeks?

Who is it for :

  • mums/carers who want to remove dairy from their child's diet OR do an elimination trial (you need to do this for 3 weeks)
  • mums/carers who are overwhelmed at the thought of where to start
  • mums/carers who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding and want to remove dairy from their diet to prevent childhood health issues such as colic/reflux and sleep issues for their bub
  • mums/carers who have a feeling they are dairy intolerant...and want to give it a go
  • mums/carers who want to avoid the winter snot and are ready to remove dairy from the whole family

You will learn :

  • why you would remove dairy - for good or as a trial
  • how to prepare mentally
  • alternatives to dairy staples
  • magic tricks to pull it off with ease

Module 1 : Thorough Preparation

  • What : Know what you're talking about - intolerance vs allergy, lactose vs casein vs whey, cow vs goat vs other, calcium myth
  • Why : How dairy is affecting everyone's health, your mindset and standing up to others
  • Who : Needs to go on the adventure!
  • When : preparing your fridge and pantry
  • Education : explaining it to everyone

Module 2 : Alternatives & Meals

  • Questions
  • DF alternatives : milk, cheese, yoghurt, sour cream
  • Meals : planning ahead
  • Old beliefs

Module 3 : The Trial & Beyond

  • Questions
  • Elimination trial magic tricks
  • Reintroduction
  • Troubleshooting

How does it work?

You have access to the three Modules, which are recorded and ready for you to watch/listen to, at your own pace.

There is also a Facebook group to join.

You will get support, connection and accountability in here, with all of the other mums and carers in the same boat as you.

In this Learning Studio, you will have access to the Module recordings, as well as bonuses such as recipes and resources to make the adventure simpler not harder!

Your commitment :

You'll need one hour to listen to the Module each week + a couple of extra hours during the week as you swap over to new foods. This little bit of time will really pay off!

And of course, this guided adventure is designed to make it much easier for you to pull off, than if you were doing it by yourself.

The Dairy Free Adventure is AUD$19. When we commit money to something, we are more likely to value it. I want you to value this important step you are taking for your childrens' health!


What if my child is really fussy?

This ‘adventure’ is based around the logistics of swapping to DF alternatives and being ready in mindset and organisation.

If your little one is quite fussy, I’d advise starting this DF adventure with us. It will cover some simple magic tricks to convert onto the DF alternatives.

You will then be able to slowly work on eliminating dairy items (or keep the information up your sleeve) before the next round of my signature online program Food Magic for Fussy Eaters begins. This program will then teach you to be the Fussy Eater Magician of your house!

How much time will I need to dedicate to the mini-program?

This will depend on where you are at and who you are doing this for. You will need to dedicate a space of time to observe your fridge/pantry and record alternatives needed. You might need time allocated for a longer supermarket trip (or health food shop visit) to access any alternatives you might need. And you will need some planning time each week to be organised with meals and lunchboxes.

All of this extra time is what will be key in ensuring you pull off a 3 week DF trial!

Is this program appropriate if I don’t have children?

Yes! You are most welcome. It is for anyone who wants to know the how, what, why, when, where of eliminating dairy as a trial. There will be focus on ensuring children have options but with any luck, it will be easier for you to make the switch!

What currency is the program in?

AUD - Australian Dollars

Please email Heidi at with any further questions.

Creator & Fussy Eater Magician!

Heidi Hosking

Heidi Hosking is the creator of The Healthy Caterpillar. She coaches mums of sensitive children to guide them to eat the exact right foods for their bodies. Heidi's background is in Speech Pathology and Health Coaching where she specialises in fussy eating, food sensitivities and intuitive and clean eating. She has two sensitive new age boys herself and is passionate about empowering mums to create their own vibrant children.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome - START HERE

    • Join the Facebook Group - Dairy Free Adventure

    • Modules - please read

  • 2

    Module 1 : Thorough Preparation

    • Fridge/Pantry Audit - RESOURCE

    • Stories of DF benefits - RESOURCE

    • Module 1 : Thorough Preparation - RECORDING

  • 3

    Module 2 : Meals & Alternatives

    • Meal Planner - RESOURCE

    • Meal Planner - sample

    • What needs to change - RESOURCE

    • What needs to change - sample

    • Snack ideas - RESOURCE

    • Calcium alternatives - RESOURCE

    • Recipe - Smoothie formula

    • Recipes - Roasted chickpeas

    • Recipes - 2 minute, 2 ingredient Coconut Yoghurt

    • Module 2 : Meals & Alternatives - RECORDING

  • 4

    Module 3 : The Trial & Beyond

    • Module 3 : The Trial & Beyond - RECORDING

    • Delightful Raw Chocolate - recipe

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